Richard Oerlemans     

Actor Richard Oerlemans, of English, Swedish and North West European Descent. Has been a household name in the acting business sinds he was 28 years of age. International theatre travelling through the whole of Canada in 1996,  GTST with Katja Schuurman in 1997/1998.

Oerlemans lands his first leading character as Joost van den Abeelen,166 episodes 1998/2000 in  the famous soap Goldcoast. 

Numerous tv appearences followed, among them Gooische vrouwen.

Shining in a dozen of Dutch and English spoken commercials, a couple of dozen's of amazing prize winning shorts, landing on prestigious film festivals, all over the world. Oerlemans's debut as a director/actor in the theater piece 'Tussen De Rails' is rewarded with awards . 

Richard is currently working at the action blockbuster 'Out For Vengeance' (2021) as 'Chief' Peter van Buuren. He will continue this role in the blockbuster 'Out For Vengeance: Back For Revenge" (2023) both produced by actor/director Salar Zarza.