Richard Oerlemans    

What Is The Result You Want? What Are You Committed To? 

Why Do You Want It? What's Your Purpose?

What Specific Actions You Have To Take? 

What's Your Massive Action Plan?

Tony Robbins

Still learning, failing, learning, taking action, feeling great doing making my dream alive every day, which started 25 years ago, 4 years of theater, training in Amsterdam, Utrecht and New York, soaps Goudkust, GTST and OWNM, series, more than 60 short movies all over the world, 12 commercials and now international features 'Impact (2020), Out for Vengeance (2020), Out for Vengeance 2; back for Revenge (2022). More adventure and fun.

Self confidence Gives The Certainty That You Deal With The Uncertainties Of Life

Richard Oerlemans

Productions English/Dutch

Theatre: 1995 (Directing and Acting) - until now

1997 Audience and jury first prize actor festival Haarlem Directing and Acting 'Tussen de Rails' Peter Romer
1998 Theatertour through all of Canada with International Theatre Group Comedy/Farce Ray Cooney
2002 Theatre Tour and Musical Amsterdam

Commercials (Leading roles): 1994 - until now
1994 Commercial "Visakte" postbus 51
2004 Internetcommercial Adecco
2006 Commercial "Kort Lontje", Sire
2006 Commercial Quest Magazine
2007 Commercial "Keukenconcurrent"
2007 Commercial NCTB 
2007 Radiocommercial NCTB
2008 Commercial DSB,, Pontje 
2008 Commercial DSB,, Auto kopen
2008 Commercial DSB,, Strand
2012 Commercial "Kennelcough", Mr Perkins, producer Digiredo 

Companymovies: (Leading roles): 1992 - 1996
1992 -1996 12 bedrijfsfilms KPN, PTT, Moret & Young.
1994 bedrijfsfilm De Concurrent vertoond voor een duizendkoppig publiek

Soaps and Series: (Leading roles or specified differently): 1996 -  until now

1997 -1998 guest performances in soaps OWNM, Goldcoast and GTST SBS6 (national television)
1998 Quest performance Inspector scenes famous Dutch soapie Katja Schuurman + Clifhanger GTST, 10 episodes SBS6 (national television)
1998-1999 Leading man Joost van den Abeelen in Goldkust, 166 episodes SBS6 (national television)
2007 Quest performance in Gooische Vrouwen RTL5 (national television)
2013 Milco series "Beschuldigd" SBS6 (Producer IDTV), national television)
2013 Tim Blijveld "OIDL" SBS 6 (Producer Stepping Stone, national television)
2014 Pilot "Hotelgeheimen" (Producer Stepping Stone, national television)
2015 Pilot "Drijfzand" producer Ramon Casander (national television)

Shorts: 2000 (leading roles or specified differently ) - until now

2001 "CHAT", premiered Zandvoort, hoofdrol
2006 De Engelstalige short "Yes I Can" van Leonardo Cariglino and Lex Tirajoh,hoofdrol. Filmfestival Amsterdam
2006 "Luctor" korte SF green screen bioscoopfilm, hoofdrol spindoctor, 2009 Premiered International Festival, 'Film By the Sea', Vlissingen'
2007 Engelstalige short The Last Will and Testament of Sol Scudder by Wesley Vis
2007 Engelstalige short "10 Grams" by  Artyom Zakharenko,  Filmfestival Amsterdam
2007 "Screens", Sevilla Spaans Nederlandse productie premiered international FilmFestivals
2008 Engelstalige short "Hit the Road Sam" by  Spooly Movies, premiered Filmfestival NY
2009 "Press Express" Eindexamenfilm van Maarten Slok, Premiered at NFF, National FilmFestival Utrecht
2009 Nederlandstalig filmproject "Sectie-3d" met regisseur Thomas Lazerooms
2009 Engelstalige Productie "Provocator" van regisseur Artyom Zakharenko, hoofdrol Johnny Bloomberg, International Filmfestival Rome
2009 Regisseur Remy Voshy "Summertime"
2010 24-hours  Breda, "Till Sundawn", van Sunrise Productions
2011 24-hours 2011 Amsterdam, "Meisje Met Uitzicht", regie Douwe van der Werf
2011 24-hours Utrecht, "Stekker", IFAN
2011 "TAKE One", Nederlandstalige Productie IFAN, hoofdrol. 2012 genomineerd voor beste Zeeuwse film International filmfestival "Film by the Sea." 

2017 "VONK" HKU filmed in the North of Holland

Features:/TV series International 2011 - heden
2011 " Deathtrap" , True Spirit Productions
2020 "Out For Vengeance" (first from Trilogy), True Spirit Productions, regisseur|producer Salar Zarza, Leading Role Chief inspector Peter van Buuren.

2020 "Impact" International Feature Movie, filmed in Antwerp, Malaga and Hollywood Producers Kasia & Patryk Wezowski

2022"Out For Vengeance 2: Back to Revenge'" True Spirit Entertainment, director Salar Zarza, Chief inspector Peter van Buuren


1984 - 1989 Psychology | Marketing
1992-1994 Christ Stuur Camera Acting
1993-1994 Onno van Dijk Musical & Poetry
2001-2004 Nancy Gabor Studio, NY & Amsterdam, Stanislavski, The Method, Meisner, and The Core
2006 Practitioner NLP
2015 -2016 Micro expressions practitioner & trainer
2017 Bodylanguage Master trainer


"Richard Oerlemans is talented, brave and courageous. An actor who is able to show vulnerability --unusual and exciting in most strongmen. He takes big risks and is always interesting to watch." 
Nancy Gabor Director, Actrice and Drama Teacher at Princeton University  and Amsterdam Theatre School.

"Ik heb de samenwerking met Richard Oerlemans als zeer plezierig ervaren. Hij wist precies wat er van hem verwacht werd en op subtiele wijze diepgang aan zijn karakter toe te voegen waardoor de korte film an sich naar een hoger plan werd getild."
Joris Dommels, regisseur Quest/commercial

"Voor de korte 'green screen' film 'Luctor' heb ik met buitengewoon veel plezier met Richard Oerlemans gewerkt. Zijn inzet en enthousiasme zijn ongevenaard; op momenten dat ik me bijkans schuldig begon te voelen omdat het allemaal zo lang duurde, liep Richard opgewekt rond en zorgde voor een goede sfeer op de set. Luctor werd geheel voor 'green screen' opgenomen; het was prettig te merken dat Richard de nodige verbeelding had om zich voor te stellen waar zijn karakter precies uithing. Een samenwerking die absoluut voor herhaling vatbaar is."
Ferry Piekart, Scenarist/Regisseur Luctor.

"I've worked with Richard as an actor/director and gotten to know Richard in both New York City and in Amsterdam, and I can make a few observations about Richard on both a personal and professional level. As an artist, and as a person, Richard is a very open, trusting, risk-taker. He has a curiosity about and a zest for life that is very striking to those around him. Richard  takes risks, to make choices that may surprise him as well as those around him. He is a very aware person; he constantly searches for the truth in his work and in his life. If Richard is unsure which path to take next, he is unafraid to take the risks necessary to achieving personal and artistic growth. Generous and giving to his friends, and open and curious in his work. He is sure to affect in a positive way all those with whom he works and plays. I am glad to call him a friend."
Greg Skura Associate Producer, Actor and Director, New York